Lynne Ayers is a Montreal born artist currently living in the southeastern counties of Ontario. She has worked in a variety of mediums including watercolour, pastel, acrylic and photography.  Without formal background she has developed her own approach to artistic expression through trial and error.

While her watercolours are often described by her audience as “soft” and “calm” Ayers currently favours acrylics, which she feels better suit her temperament and desire for strength in her work.

Ayers is driven by emotion and therefore atmosphere is of primary importance, believing that atmosphere places a piece in time, be it the hour of the day or a moment in life. She works in a representational style as well as abstract and is inspired by Claude Monet and his extraordinary ability to paint the air itself, and the inventiveness of Paul Klee.

Her acrylic landscapes often begin with a chiaroscuro underpainting which she then develops with strong brushwork and complementary and split complementary colour schemes and glazes to help create atmospheric depth.  She likes to work her abstracts in layers, the previous layers often showing clearly through transparent colours. A terraskin support is a favourite for the layering techniques but she also works on canvas and birch panel.

In her work in photography the term ‘fine art photography’ is used to convey that rather than accept what the camera has captured, the camera is her tool to create something in her own vision. Ayers thinks of each photograph as a canvas, a starting point. She uses digital processing techniques to enhance the image, to alter it into something that may be entirely different from the original photograph.

In 2017 she hosted a solo exhibit in Alexandria, Ontario of 27 selected photographs ranging from abstract to urban and rural landscapes.

In the spring of 2019 she mounted a solo exhibit in Alexandria titled “Emotion—an abstract and personal look”. This exhibit of 25 abstract paintings portrayed her journey through grief.

Ayers is currently working on an urban series of abstract works.

Her work can be viewed at beyondthebrushphotography.wordpress.com and lynneayersartist.wordpress.com

Lynne Ayers is a founding member of the Glengarry Artists’ Collective, a local initiative to promote her community and encourage local artists.